My name is Diana Martin and I am a not so secret agent for the Lord in beautiful Maceio, Brazil. I am serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

And so it begins...

Diana left Massachusetts via Logan Airport early in the morning of April 2.  She was very excited and ready to go!  She had been set apart as a missionary at home the night before by her dad which isn't the normal way of doing things. Most missionaries have to call and make an appointment with a member of the Stake presidency and then travel to the church to be set apart by them. Diana is fortunate in that her dad is a member of the Stake Presidency so she was blessed to have the special opportunity to be set apart by him at home. I could see in her face immediately after she was set apart that she felt it-that feeling of being prepared and being able to focus on serving the Lord. We are so happy and proud of her and, despite missing her terribly, are excited for the opportunity she has to teach the gospel in Brazil for the next 18 months.

 She is still waiting for her visa to come through which is why she is in Utah right now. We had expected her to go straight to Brazil for her training but the lack of visa is just a temporary bump in the road. It also meant that she got to see her "2nd family" one more time: Lon and Amy Cook and their daughters Analisa and Christina. Amy picked her up at the airport in Salt Lake and she stayed with them overnight. They took her to a couple of her favorite restaurants, took some pictures with her, ran some errands with her, and then dropped her off at the MTC (Missionary Training Center) where some of the elders helped her with her bags.  As you can see by the pictures, she is very happy!


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