My name is Diana Martin and I am a not so secret agent for the Lord in beautiful Maceio, Brazil. I am serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why weepest thou?


Right now we have 5 American sisters and the rest are hispanic (Argentina and Chile mostly) or native. It is different with Elders. The percentage of Americans with Elders is much larger. 

This week we had Zone Conference. We have zone conference every three months and this was my second one here. Oshi! where has the time gone? I feel like every month passes by faster than the one before. I can´t believe it is already September. But I am also really excited! General Conference is coming up! (I can´t remember ever being this excited for conference). Anyway Zone Conference is great and we really learn a lot. The focus was how to work better with members. That really is the best way to do missionary work but that means that it isn´t very easy. 

This week we had problems with power. On Wednesday apparently a big part of the northeast was without power. The whole city was without power. The streetlights here don´t have back ups so it was VERY dark but we kept on going. I now know that I can make brownies in the dark! Who needs to see to bake? (Actually I do. The brownies turned out a little interesting). Thursday as we were showing and getting ready we lost power again but only for a 30 minutes and then Friday during the conference we lost power again. I made me think about all those times we lost power in Alabama and how we would have candles everywhere and that one time that we had a race to see who could blow out more candles and wax ended up all over someones face (aka Erica haha). I think now it is all settled and we won´t lose power again for awhile. 

There have been a lot of small changes that have been happening as well. We can´t use sandals any more for instance. (My feet miss my sandals but now I will get to have a cool picture with shoes with holes in the bottoms!) Another thing that changed is now we are to have personal study and companion study  on P-day. The full two hours. This means we have less time to do other things but really is a blessing. I feel like today I learned a lot. In John 20 Mary finds the tomb empty. Two times she is asked "Woman, why weepest thou?" I love this question. I can just imagine a gentle voice asking this with real curiousity. Why are you sad? Don´t you know that Christ lives? That He has overcome the world? How wonderful is this question for us now? When we are sad or have difficulties, why should we weep when we know that through Christ we can have eternal happiness. 

I am so grateful for my Savior and that through Him we can find peace in our lives now and for eternity. Life is hard and stressful and we will have sadness in our lives but this never changes the fact that we have a Father in Heaven that loves us and will always give us aid when we do our part. 

I love you all 
Sister Martin

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