My name is Diana Martin and I am a not so secret agent for the Lord in beautiful Maceio, Brazil. I am serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mia nossa

Dear Family,

This week we have been teaching a young man named Alisson. He is AMAZING (He is going to be baptized this Saturday!!). We wanted to integrate him into the ward so we asked the Young Men's presidente to go and visit him with us (he is one of the few members that lives in our area). We sat down and began teaching and I realized how intimidating it can be to teach with members. Alisson´s grandmother is a member of the church but she is less active and we are there to help her as well so teaching with her isn't scary. But when you are with someone that got back from the mission less than three years ago you feel like you need to do really well so that they trust in you and aren´t left feeling like they could have done better. But the lesson went really well and at the end said we taught well "Parabéns. Voces ensinam muito bem, viu" It made me happy. 

Conferencia de Zona was changed. This was my fourth zone conference as we have them every three months and this was the first time that things were changed up. Like the fact that every one had to prepare treinamento and it was by luck as to who would actually give the training. Thankfully it wasn´t us. But there was also a change in that Presidente didn´t talk a lot about the rules or the things we needed to be doing better. But he spent a long time talking about Presidente Gomes who will come in just three transfers. The transition for Presidente Gonzaga was really difficult so he is trying to easy the way and prepare us for all the changes that are bound to happen here in four months. 

This past few weeks I have been feeling a little antsy. A little unsettled or sad by the fact that in my time with Sister Chilson we still haven´t had a baptism. But then at the conference minha neta came up to me and asked if I remembered someone that I had been teaching in Village 2. I said of course. She was someone that had gone to church several times and we had been teaching her for the whole second transfer that I was there. But her husband never wanted to get married. SHE IS GOING TO GET MARRIED! Her wedding and baptism will happen in one month! and her three kids will be baptized as well! Then I thought about Danielle and Wellington and Vincente. People that I had helped teach that later went on to be baptized and it was good to remember that sometimes we don´t see the immediate fruits of our efforts but that doesn´t mean that our efforts are wasted! 

Then after having that revelation, we went and taught an old man that we had made a contact with. We taught and prayed and it was good but what he said as we were leaving was like an answer to my doubts. He told us that we were different. We bring love and peace into people's lives. That we were doing a marvelous work and we should never give up. I won´t lie. Just about cried. He was very sweet and sincere. I can´t ever stop just because it is hard or because I don´t see that I am succeeding. 

I love you all and I hope that every thing is all good with you all! And right now the post office is at strike again so sorry but birthday letters will be late again. Darn

Sister Martin

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