My name is Diana Martin and I am a not so secret agent for the Lord in beautiful Maceio, Brazil. I am serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Conference and the blessings of a mission

October 7
Dear wonderful family,
Sorry, this keyboard is really bad and I hope you can understand what I type.
Maine sounds wonderful. Was it cool there? It feels like a time warp here because of the different seasons at different times. It is getting hotter but it isn't unbearable but it just doesn't feel like October. I fiz 6 meses (made 6 months) this week and it was just about the craziest thing ever. Time is going by so fast. I have less than a year on the mission.
Things are good with Sister Barratt. She is improving fast with Portuguese mas ainda é (is still) difficult sometimes because we can't express all that we want to. Limitations are hard. Our area is amazing. The people are so warm and welcoming.
We were able to watch all four sessions of conference but this meant that we stayed in the stake center for long periods of time, from 1 to 7 Saturday and Sunday which doesn´t leave much time to work because we had to stay in the church in between sessions because the stake center is a bit distante de nossa (distant from our) area. Watching in Portuguese was interesting. I understood just about all of it, well when I paid a lot of attention. It isnt easy but completely worth it. I think Saturday's talks were amazing. I can't really remember them now but look forward greatly to reading these talks in the Ensign. Listening in Portuguese was only sad because I love the voices of the profeta and apostles. I was able to hear just a little bit in English before the voice over of Portuguese kicked in and it was enough. I loved the Motab as well. Hearing them sing is the same in America or Brazil. It was awesome.
I love you all so much and have a great week!
Love much,
Sister Martin
ps. Reminder sobre photos. I need one from when I was  kid and one of the whole family from before the mission! thank you!!!

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