My name is Diana Martin and I am a not so secret agent for the Lord in beautiful Maceio, Brazil. I am serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Oh My Lanta!

Dear family,

Sorry about the email mix up last week. The meeting was changed to Tuesday because it was hard for the sisters in Sergipe to get here in time. So the meeting with Sister Gonzaga was amazing. We got there a bit late (got to love the bus and traffic) but we showed up to an amazing breakfast with all the sisters there already. I loved getting to see Sister Moraes and Sister Barra. It made me happy and the good food helped as well. After eating we received special training from the Sister training leaders from Sergipe and from Alagoas, and Sister and Presidente Gonzaga. It was great but it was a little hard because Sister Gonzaga talked a lot about families and marriage and just about every sister cried (Americans are a little more cold hearted so only some of the Americans cried). Then we got to eat subway and ice cream and then we scrapbooked which doesn´t have a translation but still is scrapbook in Portuguese. then we did a group exercise thing. a gift exchange (something we made with our own hands. some of the sisters were super creative) and a short testimony meeting. It really was an amazing meeting. The only things sad about this day was all the time on the bus (it is a good thing I am not claustrophobic) and that we didn't really get to work. I learned a lot and got a photo with my entire mission family so I was very happy. 

Other than this special meeting with Sister Gonzaga and interviews with presidente, my week was normal. Well except for the fact that it rained a lot Friday. As it is now summer here, rain is almost unheard of. My area is also all llama (unfortunately not the animal. llama=mud) so getting from place to place was kind of like getting through a maze. It was fun but for the first time I was actually truly cold. I think I am already a nordestina (Northeasterner). Talvez. (Perhaps.)

Recently I have been studying a lot about Cristo (Christ), grace, and the love He really does have for us. It is amazing when you think about He has paid the price for us. When we do good works we aren´t paying Him back, that is impossible. But when we are changed by His grace and when we show our love and appreciation by following His example, He is happy and we can feel a love, a peace, a joy that is hard to describe. One of the best things as a missionary is to speak of Christ and his atonement. To watch people realize that they aren´t alone. They can change. They can be free of sin and guilt. To see them feel of Christ's love. 

I love you all and hope every thing continues to go well. 
Sister Martin

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