My name is Diana Martin and I am a not so secret agent for the Lord in beautiful Maceio, Brazil. I am serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Busy, crazy week

Dear Family,

This was officially the busiest and craziest week of my mission up til now.

Last week started with a bus ride to Maceió for leadership counsel. (funny story about catching the bus. To get on the charter bus you have to have identification. Well we got to the bus station and iter had forgotten hers. And we had 50 minutes til the bus left for Maceio. We hoped on a regular bus to get to our area and had the other sisters wait at the bus stop to pas the identification so that we didn´t have to get off the bus. And by the time they passed it it was already 6. then the bus started going the wrong way! 6:10. By this point I was really nervous and began praying that we would make the bus. So we got off the bus we were on and ran to the next bus stop and the moment we got there a special taxi passed (a taxi that basically works like a bus) and we got on. He flew. But then he topped on the side of the highway and told us to run up the curving exit and we would be there at the bus terminal. Man we ran. But we got there the moment it was about to leave! Craziness) We got there late and early the next morning the meeting started. Then the bus ride back took another 5 hours. So we had Wednesday to work.

Thursday we spent the day running around with our District Leader to have the baptismal interviews. Two in São Critóvão and one in Eduardo Gomes. In between the interviews there was a lot of planning that went on for the two weddings to happen the next day. with worries about dresses not fitting and hair and time to do it all. 

Friday morning we left with Andréa and Everton to go to their wedding at the catório. The judge showed up two hours late! so the wedding started at midday. And it was the weirdest thing. He began talking about abuse and prostitution and how it is all the parents fault and that there was a 12 year old that suffered bullying... all while everyone was standing. It was odd. After 30 minutes of lecture he went one by one of the 10 couple there asking if they accepted the other as their spouse. And it ended. But Andréa and Everton got married! That's what matters right?

We rushed to lunch from there and from lunch to the church to decorate for Barbara´s and Almir´s wedding. In an hour and a half we got all the tables and decorations set just right then rushed to get the bride and her daughter ready. Sister Sierras has already worked and grown up in a beauty salon so she knows how to do makeup and hair and nails and it was her that did everything for the bride. By the time everyone was ready it was already 8. An hour after the wedding was supposed to start. Man weddings are stressful. I am thinking that by the time I get married I am just going to run away and get married. Is that ok?

But the wedding was beautiful. Almir and Barbara were very happy and even cried so it was worth it. Saturday brought the baptisms of Almir, Barbara, and Andrea. Their happine of wedding continued. I loved being able to see them leave the baptimal fount with big smiles on their faces. Saying that they were feeling so light. Worth all the crazines!

Well This week starts the World Cup. Should be wild. 

I hope all went well and this next week will bring more tranquility for you all!
Com amor e carinho
Sister Martin

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