My name is Diana Martin and I am a not so secret agent for the Lord in beautiful Maceio, Brazil. I am serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Orla, coffee, and fake braces

Dear family,

Thats pretty crazy that Garrett is all grown up and flying by himself. I feel old. Haha, to me he is still a little boy!

I love the idea of spending Halloween in Nantucket! it really is beautiful! That plane is pretty crazy though. Was it scary?

My next transfer won´t happen until the end of June. But I have a feeling that I will actually spend the rest of my mission here in Eduardo Gomes. 

This week was great! For P-day a member took us to the ORLA in Atalia (maybe you could look it up on google. Google should have information about the ORLA). There were six sisters and three members showing us around the touristy part of Aracaju (which is the capital of Sergipe). Atalia is a neighborhood of Aracaju. which is close to the beach. My goodness it was beautiful there! and so different from the beachy areas of Maceio. In Maceio there was always a lot of people and a lot of movimento and things like that. But the Orla was competely calm while being beautiful and very family friendly. We got to take a lot of pictures and enjoy a day that was surprisingly cool (not cool just not burning hot). 

We have been teaching a couple for quite some time now. Their names are Any and Ernando. They are amazing with a one year old son. Very open to hearing us. But a million things have been happening so that they are never at home. Tons and tons of distractions and sicknesses and school and work. It's been hard. Many times we have tried to mark lessons with members but something always happened. They weren´t at home or the members couldn´t come last minute. We´ve been trying to mark their baptisms and they have been hesitant. This week it ALL changed. Members are miracle workers! Thursday we finally had the chance to teach with two members. and we didn´t get to teach the lesson we had planned but the members ended up just bearing their testimonies and everything they said just clicked with Any and Ernando. and we challenged them one more time afterwards for baptism and Any about yelled I will! It was amazing! Then the next day we were turned and taught about the word of wisdom. When we mentioned that we don´t drink coffee Any at first reacted very negatively and my heart turned to ice. It was scary but we continued teaching and talking about the blessings that come with following the Lord´s commandments and they eventually and tentatively accepted. The problem is that Ernando works at night as a security gaurd and usually drinks a lot of coffee to stay awake. Well, Sunday morning came and only Any was at church but she came with great news. She had sent Ernando off to work with a huge thing of coffee and it returned full! He hadn´t drunk a single drop of coffee because he didn´t even have the desire to drink it. Ai eles são tão bons! Excitement!!

Crazy sighting of the week. We are teaching this 12 year old niece of a less active member. And yesterday for the first time i noticed that her braces weren´t braces at all! every month or two she super glues small fake jewels to her teeth to make it look like she has braces. She has been doing this for 6 months already. Crazy right?

I love you all and hope you have a great Memorial day!

Sister Martin

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