My name is Diana Martin and I am a not so secret agent for the Lord in beautiful Maceio, Brazil. I am serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sou Purificado

Dear Family,

The best moment of the week was when Any and Ernandes were baptized. Hands down. There is such a big difference in watching individuals changing their lives and being baptized and seeing a FAMILY changing together. Seeing the happiness that is there. Knowing that one day they will go to the temple and they will be an eternal family. Aí I love it. They were baptized this Saturday and they showed up looking like members already with a skirt and shirt and shirt and tie combination. Even their son came with a nice shirt and a tag saying Future Missionary. It was amazing. We sang a hymn and a member gave a short talk. They were already feeling the Spirit by this point as Ernandes shed a few tears. A man who has cried once in 14 years. Then came the actual baptism and I broke a small rule and held their one and a half year old crying son while they were baptized. Any was first. As she left the baptismal font she was jumping with happiness and feelings of cleanliness. Then came Ernandes. He left the water and just stood at the top of the stairs dripping and looking down. Then he said "Sou purificado" I am purified. He looked a little over whelmed by the feeling. I just about cried knowing how sweet that feeling is. That feeling of being pure and clean and so close to our Heavenly Father. I can´t imagine anything better. 

This week was also another Zone conference, where I perceived that I am the oldest (in mission age) in my zone. But it was a great day filled with trainings and learning how to be a better missionary. Liked it. 

Other than that it was a pretty normal week. I love you all and will send word next week about how the two weddings and baptisms went this week!

I love you all and hope you have a greatly fantastic week!
Sister Martin

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