My name is Diana Martin and I am a not so secret agent for the Lord in beautiful Maceio, Brazil. I am serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Baby, It will rain, rain, rain, rain

Dear wonderful marvelous family. 

Hi. Sometimes writing to you all is really fun and exciting and its cool. Today is one of those days.

Skype will be the same as Christmas. One hour. and 5 here and 4 there is good?

This week was AMAZING and crazily filled with a lot of things to do. The week literally flew by.

Monday started exchanges with our housemates. I stayed in my area with Sister Agreda and we traveled to São Cristóvão de novo. It was an adventure as she had never gone and it was my second time going but we caught all the right busses and made it there safely and just a bit wet. But we got there and had the opportunity to teach with members. mark a wedding, and a baptism. good rainy day. Then rushed back to Eduardo Gomes to talk with Thairanne who has been nervous about getting baptized but when we showed up she said she was excited and couldn´t wait for Saturday! Sometimes miracles happen and I don´t know why or what changed but man I am grateful. 

Wednesday the day was spent in the stake center waiting to have interviews with Presidente. And I got a package! Thank you Southcoast youth! It was perfect. Loved it.

Thursday I cried from laughing. Por que? Porque we went to Thairanne´s house before lunch to take her to a singles activity at the ward because Thursday was a national holiday here in Brasil (why I don´t remember) and as we were waiting as she finished getting ready a parakeet flew and landed on Sister Sierras head. And I rushed to take pictures. Then I noticed a wet spot on her shirt. The bird had peed on her head. Oh goodness I laughed. Poor thing went to wash her hair (but she was laughing as well so its all good). But more adventures continued as we made our way to S.C. again in the rain. The city is situated about 40 minutes by bus from the capital of Aracaju (of which Eduardo Gomes is a bairro) and it is just one street. Very country. On the way to the bus terminal to start splits with other sister the passed over a lot of puddles. At one point little fountains of water were spewing up into the bus from the floor. It was exciting.

Friday I spent the day with Sister Chilson again! This time as a leader and it was great to see how much she has grown in two transfers! really it is a lot. 

Saturday was the baptism of Thairanne! She was baptized jsut before the Saturday sessions of stake conference. We had almost all the sisters from the stake there to sing for her including Sister Gonzaga. And this is a zone of sisters (12). Everything went perfectly and we all moved into the meeting with Elder Costa of the first quroum of the 70 and Elder/Presdient Gonzaga of the 7th quroum. It was amazing. Elder Costa is an amzing missionary and he a great speaker. 

Funny story about Elder Costa. Yesterday he began telling a story about the people of Manus when he was a mission presidente there and how much they sacrificed to go to the temple. As he was telling the story I thought it all seemed very familiar. Then he talked about a family that had sold every thing to make the almost 8 day journey to the temple. And it dawned that I had in fact heard this before! Yup he had already to this story to us in Massahusetts! Heard it for a second time just this time in Portuguese. 

Well I hope everyone has a good week! Love you and can´t wait until Sunday!
Sister Martin 

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