My name is Diana Martin and I am a not so secret agent for the Lord in beautiful Maceio, Brazil. I am serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Transfers sadness

Dear Family,

After more than four months here in Antares, I am being transferred. Normally I get a little antsy and want to leave. And I am very excited to see where I will go (because apparently I am going to Sergipe. I am going to leave the city of Maceio!) but I will miss this ward and my companion. It is amazing here. Everything is in an uproar because almost all of the 53 sisters were transferred. WHAT. I think my first area is closing for sisters and going to Elders. Sad

This week was amazing. There are some people that it is an absolute pleasure to teach. This week we have been teaching Márcia. She is 22 has a daughter of 4 and is 7 months pregnant and lives alone. And has such an amazing spirit of willingnes to learn. Willingness to read to pray to ask the Lord. When we taught about the Book of Mormon she almost cried because she was so grateful that we had given her something that was just hers and no one elses, and when we returned she had actually done the reading and had marked the pages! Underlined what she liked and circled words she didn´t understand. It was amazing. The first time. Her biggest doubt was wanting to know what the word exhort means. Love. 

One night we came home at 9. It was late and we were tired and we came home to an impeccably clean house. We clean every pday but with a small apartment and four people that just come in to sleep and study it gets a little messy and we have to sweep everyday but it was EXTRA clean which was suspicious for a Thursday night. Our washing machine actually drains into a sink that is in the "washing room" aka the end of the kitchen. Well a towel fell into the sink and stopped up the drain. And when the washer was draining water it spilled out of the sink onto the floor into the main room and bathroom and out of our apartment and down the stairs. Our house mates came home and started panicking a bit but really we were so lucky that the water didn´t enter into where we all keep our luggage. It is actually pretty funny and it got the house real clean! It is also a blessing that the apartment is all tile!

I love you all! Happy Easter! Feliz Pascoa! 
Sister Martin

Oh and about fast and testimonies here. They are awesome. In Anters in particular. Everyone gets up and talks for just a minute or two. They all share their testimony and how much the gospel blesses their lives and I love it. I don't fear bringing people or investigators to Fast and Testimony meeting here

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