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Monday, May 19, 2014

I´m gettin´ married in the mornin´.... or in 15 to 20 days

Dear Family.

This transfer is normal with six weeks. And it is the last one of Presidente Gonzaga. Sadness!

How is Mary Claire´s finger?

This week was cool. My first wedding! Well we made the first step in helping Andréa get married. Our investigator had planned on going to the cartorio (the place where you go to sign the paper and pay money and in about 20 days you are legally married) on the 15th. We visited her on the 13th and she still didn´t have enough money ready to pay for the marriage paper. We taught about faith and the importance of keeping the commandments and the blessings that come and then offered to help. Well two days later she called us saying she got the money! Isn´t it cool how miracles happen? My companion and I were witnesses of her marriage. It was cool. I was the first foreigner to be a witness there. 

This week two more couples that we are teaching will be making their way to the cartório as well. So many weddings! It is amazing to see people who have little money and have already been living together for 12 years or 22 years really make that step. To go out of their way to be married by law when that is seen as so unnecessary here. But they do it because they know it is important to our Heavenly Father. We have been teaching a lot about the Plan of Salvation and the importance of families.I love it because it helps me remember that we are all children of  our Heavenly Father. That he gave us families for our happiness. That our family can be together for eternity. I am very grateful for you all and that God gave me you as a family! 

Church yesterday was big. We got there and found spots to sit for us and our investigators in Relief society (here sacrament is last). Then we had to return home to get something important that we had left by accident. When we returned, the relief society room was packed! People were sitting in the door way and spilling out to the hall. A first! There were so many people visiting, and less actives returning and new members it was amazing. 

I love you all and hope for a great week for you all!

Sister Martin

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