My name is Diana Martin and I am a not so secret agent for the Lord in beautiful Maceio, Brazil. I am serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Nossa mia nossa

Dear Family,

Hi! I love you all! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA

This week was crazy! So much stuff happened and this week flew by!

Tuesday morning brought the transfer meeting and a lot of taxis and a lot of luggage. But we finally got there. When I arrived I was asked if I had packed my bags. I responded no because I was staying in my area. Well I had been misinformed because I was going to be moving houses while staying in the same area so I should have packed my bags. I think that is just my luck as this is the second time that has happened.  Oh well. Then as I was talking to presidente he told me that I wasnt training and that I would like my companion. I instantly got nervous and began anilizing all the sisters trying to guess who would be my companion. And I got to thinking. Oh no. I wont have the twelve week program any more. What am I going to do without the 12 week program? (Its pretty funny now).  Any my new companion is Sister Cadillo de Argentina! She has 8 months on the mission and is exactly one month younger than I am. She is short and very pretty and amazing. I love her! 

So yup I moved. What happened is that we had been sharing an apartamento with the two sisters from Ala Feitosa. But now there are 4 sisters for that ward and that apartment cannot hold 8 sisters so me and my companion were moved to live with tthe trio in Jardim Alagoas. (so only living in 5 and not 6. a little better!) We are now living in Farol and even farther from our area but we walk less and take the bus more. I am living with Sister Almeida again and my neta (The sister that Sister Barratt trained) and Sister Ferreira. I Love sister Almeida as well and our house is very tranquillo. It is very good. 

You asked about carnival and I found out that Carnival is actually Maudi Gras. Who knew? And it ended and now there are peop´le im Maceió again. 

I think you asked what I eat. das manhas I eat a banana with granola and yogurt and for lunch is beans and rice and noodles again now that Sister Chilson left. At night is usually an apple and some crackers. But amazingly all the walking doesn´t help you lose weight. That would be against sister missionary logic. 

I love you all! Happiness!

Sister Martin

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